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My name is Kayel. I'm a woman who loves anal sex. I also enjoy anal porn. I know I'm not alone in this - there's plenty of other girls like me out there who love butt sex too. But we've got a problem. Unfortunately, the vast majority of anal-themed porn out there is, well, awful. You know what I'm talking about. So much of it is focused on pain, or degradation, and a lot of it is really offensive. Even "couples porn" doesn't really give anal the respect it deserves.

So I decided to start my very own website, one devoted to GOOD anal sex, done safely and properly, with a real focus on female pleasure.
Sex positive erotica
Seriously hot videos and movies for female fans of anal sex

First and foremost, anal sex should be about a woman's pleasure. That's because good anal sex relies on the female partner being relaxed and turned on. Fact is, If the woman isn't enjoying it, you shouldn't be doing it, end of story.

Anal For Women aims to maintain this philosophy throughout the site. It offers an exciting variety of seriously sexy anal videos and photos, all focusing on female pleasure. There's top quality erotic fiction from a female point of view. And there's also an entire, expansive magazine just bursting with anal sex advice, tips, information and fun. Women come first on this site, always.

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